Australia is a country that almost begs to be explored by car, so it should come as no surprise that road trips are such a popular way to tour the nation. Whether you're going to be crossing the heart of Australia on a trip from Adelaide to Darwin or touring the beaches up from Brisbane to Cairns, you're going to need somewhere to stop off and rest your head. Most people assume that motels and hotels are the way to go, but why not consider stopping at holiday parks instead?

Plenty of holiday parks have locations set up all across the country, so you can tour from one to the next as you complete your journey. Here are just four reasons why you should.

1. Perfect Break from the Road

While seeing the country from your driver's seat can be fantastic, there's no denying that driving all through the day can be tiring, especially when you need to do so multiple days in a row. Stopping at a hotel or motel provides a chance to relax, but it isn't nearly as pleasurable as stopping at a holiday park. You'll be able to stay for a couple of days to enjoy all the facilities and relax. Essentially, you combine the benefits of a road trip with those of visiting a resort.

2. Reward Systems

You might be thinking that staying in holiday parks instead of hotels and motels will be expensive. In some cases, this is true, although the facilities you get to enjoy certainly justify the price. What you might not know is that most holiday parks offer tempting reward systems that provide savings when you stay in multiple parks on the same trip. Since most parks have locations along well-worn road trip trails, you should be able to save a bundle if you plan things right.

3. Valuable Advice

Hotels host plenty of people, not just holidaymakers. As such, the staff aren't really expected to provide much in the way of advice. When you visit a holiday park, things are different. Staff will be able to point you towards local hotspots that most tourists miss, and they could even let you in on attractions along your chosen route.

4. Great for Kids

Finally, holiday parks are excellent for kids. The fact is that most younger children get bored quickly when they're expected to sit in a car all day. Of course, you'll be stopping off and visiting attractions as you drive, but many kids still get bored during road trips. If you'll be stopped off at holiday parks where they can meet children their own age and make use of all the fun facilities, they'll be much happier.