If you're on a budget, you probably want to find the cheapest accommodation possible whilst travelling. To do that, you sometimes need to get creative. Take a look at these budget rental accommodation ideas.

1. Stay in Private Homes

Rather than staying in hotels or hostels, it can sometimes be cheaper to stay in a private home. Try looking online for people who are renting out rooms or even their entire home. In some cases, this can be cheaper than staying in a hotel and possibly even cheaper than a hostel.

Make sure to check the prices closely though. In the past, when it was more challenging to rent out rooms in a house, those rooms tended to be cheaper than traditional accomodation, but with the rise of websites devoted to this practice, many private homes charge more.

2. Trade Work for Stay

If you have time and you want to get to know an area like a local, you may want to see if you can exchange volunteer work for accommodation. Many farms offer accomodation to people who are willing to help in the field, and even some accomodation in the city may be willing to give you a free room for a bit of work.

3. Camp

In a lot of cases, it's cheaper to rent a campsite than it is to pay for a room. You may need to invest in a tent, or if you're travelling with a car or caravan, you can sleep in that. In some cases, you can camp for free in the national forests, so you may want to consider that as well.

4. Ask for Budget Options

Sometimes, places offer cheaper options that they might not even advertise on their websites. For instance, during the summer, some budget hostels, let you sleep on the roof for a reduced rate. In other cases, places may have cheaper rates if you book your stay in the middle of the week rather than on the weekends or if you book an extended stay instead of a short stay.

5. Find People to Share Costs

You may want to get on travel forums or find other places where you can communicate with travellers. Then, you may want to see if anyone is interested in sharing accomodations to help defray costs.

For example, if you find a group of people who are all headed in the same direction, you may be able to book multiple rooms at a group rate. Alternatively, if you just find another single traveller, you may be able to book a room with them to cut your costs in half. In still other cases, you may decide to split the price of a caravan with multiple people and stay in that as you travel.