If you're travelling out of town for business or you have decided to take a road trip over the weekend, you need a place to rest during the night. Nothing beats a well-deserved relaxation at a clean motel. Although motel accommodations are often smaller establishments, they still offer high-quality services just like hotels. Most of them are usually built in a serene environment, not far from the highway.

Newly-built motels today are even offering some useful luxuries to lure potential visitors. For instance, some may provide amenities such as swimming pools, high-speed Wi-Fi, shuttle service (to take visitors to tourist destinations or provide transportation to the airport) and hot breakfast, among other useful services. Others even allow guests to stay with their pets in the motel rooms – pet-friendly motels are very popular because they lure pet-lovers who like to travel with their pets.

Here are reasons why you should consider staying in a motel the next time you're away from home:

Customised services

While motels are smaller in space and size, they are actually more comfortable. Thanks to their size, service providers can easily offer customised service. The rooms are also fewer, so the environment is more serene and quiet. No matter how tired you are, you'll get much-needed relaxation in a homey atmosphere.

Some family-owned motels go a step further to make your stay better. They make an effort to know each of their guests so they can add a personal touch to the services they provide.


Another benefit you will enjoy when you choose motels over other forms of accommodations is their cheaper rate. Although they do not skimp on services provided, the amount you will pay is lower. This will help you save money, especially if you are on a budget and still want to get quality service. The extra money you save can be used on other important things. Having extra funds, especially when you are away from home, is a smart idea. You can even extend your stay, if need be, because you have extra money to spend.

Adequate, free parking space

As you search for an ideal place to rest after travelling or working all day long, you will also need space to park your vehicle. Motels usually offer free parking for guests, so you don't have to worry about paying for valet. What's more, you can access the car anytime, especially if you left an item there and you need to get it.