Many people will book accommodation and check in without confirming the checkout time. While this can seem like a simple matter, it can lead to significant inconveniences for you and the motel. Below are various reasons why it is necessary to always confirm the checkout time at your motel.

It helps to avoid inconveniences

What happens when you get to your room very late at night due to factors beyond your control? It is important to consider such questions when you are booking a room. This is because you can be held up with delays at the airport or on the road, which can make you arrive at the motel very late at night. If you know the exact checkout time, you can ask the management about the available options you have, such as extending the checkout time for you so that you can have sufficient rest before you start your day. Do not assume that everyone knows the troubles you faced on your journey. Failure to communicate can result in inconveniences in the morning when room services ask you to leave even before you have rested for several hours. Avoid these situations by staying in contact with the motel receptionist and asking for special allowances while considering their checkout time.

Prevents double billing

Once you remain in the room past the set checkout time without informing the motel, you could be automatically billed for the next day. This is because the duration of your stay expires at the set time for checking out. Do not rely on assumptions to decide when you will check out of the room. If the checkout time for another motel was at noon, it does not automatically mean that all motels within the same area operate using the same checkout time. You can then be surprised when you want to leave two hours after the checkout time, only for the receptionist to hand you another bill. You should always try to leave before the checkout time to avoid such incidences.

Facilitates easier room cleaning

Housekeeping is usually done in the morning in most motel rooms after the guests have checked out. When you fail to confirm the checkout time, you will be disrupting the normal operations of the motel. This is because employees are accustomed to cleaning the rooms before moving on to other tasks. As such, your delay can affect the efficiency of the housekeeping staff since they will have to wait for you to check out before cleaning up and handling other tasks.